*** Distinctions Night Success ***

13th January 2016
We had 12 successful Distinction Panels on display at Catchlight this evening, with visitors from several NIPA Clubs. The overall turnout for such a unique opportunity was disappointing, as this really did represent a unique opportunity to see successful panels up close, and to talk to the individual authors and seek advice and encouragement.

The event was opened by NIPA President Martin Spackman ARPS, and each participant received a round of applause for their achievement. One of the stand-out panels of the night was Kieran Casey's recent AIPF panel (pictured first).

Thank you to those who made the effort to attend, and a particular thanks to all the Distinction Holders who took time out of their schedules to attend with their panels.

Catchlight CC

Kieran Casey AIPF (Fairhead CC)

Gary Johnson LRPS (CBPPU)

Eileen McCausland AIPF (Dungannon CC)

Stephen Bassett CPAGB (Catchlight CC)

Anne Given DPAGB (Catchlight CC)

Raphael Mason LIPF (Catchlight CC)

Hugh Wilkinson DPAGB (Catchlight CC)

Julie McGovern LIPF (BPIC)

Adrian Wheeler LIPF (BPIC)

Roger Eager LIPF (BPIC)

William Strain LIPF (BPIC)

John Lawell AIPF (BPIC

NIPA President Martin Spackman ARPS addressing the attendees

Catchlight Chairman Terry McCreesh addressing the audience