**** MPAGB - Double Delight! ****

11th May 2018
The MPAGB (Master of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) is awarded for 20 images that have managed to score 450+ points (an average of 22.5 out of 30) - when scored by a panel of 6 independent Judges according to the standard of "the highest standard of UK amateur photography."
Historically, Northern Ireland only had one long standing MPAGB recipient - Colin Thompson MPAGB, who sadly passed away in 2016. He was joined in April 2012 by Ross McKelvey MPAGB.....
AND NOW in April 2018, two fellow members of Catchlight Camera Club - Bob Given and Hugh Wilkinson have also been awarded the MPAGB in the APM assessment at Chorley, North West England.

This is a fantastic achievement not only for the two recipients, but also for the Club. It now has a handful of CPAGB, 3 DPAGB, and 3 MPAGB members. In the whole of NIPA, the only other DPAGB in stills photography is Kieran Murray from Banbridge Camera Club.

This is proof of the mentorship and guidance that is available in the Club, for those who are prepared to put real effort into reaching the top Distinctions levels in photography. Both Bob and Hugh took an active part in competitive National and International Photographic Exhibitions for several years, thereby gaining FIAP and BPE Distinctions along the way, and more importantly, learning which of their images are likely to be up to the required standard.

Catchlight Camera Club salutes the achievements and dedication of both Bob and Hugh, who will now hopefully continue the ethos within the Club of sharing their knowledge and their skills, in order to help others achieve their own aims.

Congratulations Bob Given MPAGB and Hugh Wilkinson MPAGB!!