** Guest Speaker - Adrian Lines MPAGB FBPE **
05th January 2016
There are still some tickets left for the Guest Lecture series, hosted by Catchlight Camera Club in association with Firmus Energy - Adrian Lines MPAGB FBPE is the guest speaker on Wednesday 20th January.

Tickets available from:
** Bob Given DPAGB on Sports Photography **
23rd September 2015
Bob Given DPAGB BPE4* EPSA was the presenter at Wednesday night's Club Meeting. Bob is a twice winner of the NI Sports Photographer of the Year title, and covers many and varied sporting events with a Canon 1DX and a 300 f2.8 Lens.
Bob's advice is to shoot in TV mode, at a shutter speed of 1/4000sec and auto ISO. The members were treated to literally hundreds of top class and award winning sports images.

** Guest Speaker - Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP/B **
03rd September 2015
On Wednesday 9 September, our first guest speaker of the season will be Ireland's Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP/B - a member of Dublin Camera Club, and an assessor on the IPF Distinctions Panel.

As usual with Guest speaker evenings at Catchlight, it is open to everyone and entry is free. Spread the word, and bring a friend!

7.30pm at Finaghy Community Centre.

** Hugh Wilkinson DPAGB **
19th August 2015
At the PAGB Awards for Photographic merit in Ormskirk last weekend, Hugh Wilkinson achieved the coveted DPAGB Distinction. The DPAGB is awarded for 15 prints, each of which is scored individually by a panel of 6 judges. Once all 15 prints have been scored, you need a total score of 300 points, an average of 20 points per print. The prints are judged according to the standard of Open Exhibition Photography - namely, in the judges' opinion, are the prints more likely to be accepted into an Open Exhibition than not.
Hugh scored a hugely impressive 341 points, with one print scoring a whopping 29/30! His panel of 15 prints is shown below, along with the score for each image.

There are now 5 photographers in NIPA that currently hold the DPAGB Distinction for photography - Anne Given, Keith Elgin, Bob Given and Hugh Wilkinson, all from Catchlight, and Kieran Murray from Banbridge CC.

During the coming season, Catchlight will be holding a Distinctions evening, where we will display a whole range of successful Distinction Panels, and the authors will be present to give you feedback/advice as required. This will be open to all NIPA Club members.

Catchlight Camera Club
August 2015

** Stephen Bassett Awarded Novice POTY 2015 **
01st April 2015
Stephen Bassett LIPF was awarded Novice Photographer of the Year 2015 at Catchlight Camera Club this evening, in the POTY Competition. Stephen obtained his LIPF during the season, but was still entitled to see the season out as a Novice.

A selection of the Novice entries in the Square Portrait Competition:

First Place Colour - Stephen Bassett

First Place Mono - Joe Vize

** Advanced POTY 2015 - Colin Ross AIPF **
01st April 2015
The Final Round of the POTY Competition took place this evening at Catchlight Camera Club, with the subject being "Square Portraits." Each member was entitled to submit one colour and one mono image to be judged by the guest judge Eileen McCausland AIPF LRPS from Dungannon Cooktown CC.

The standard of work was tremendous - what we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality. At the conclusion, Colin Ross and Ross McKelvey were equal first, but on the count back system Colin Ross AIPF was awarded the Advanced Photographer of the Year 2015! Congratulations to Colin!

In the Novice Section, second place was awarded to Hugh McGuckian, with the Novice Photographer of the Year title going to Stephen Bassett.

This is a selection of the images entered:

1st Place Ian Humes -

2nd Place - Steve Wilson

3rd Place - Anne Given

Some of the others:

Colour Section:

1st Place - Colin Ross

2nd Place - Bob Given

3rd place - Hugh Wilkinson

** Catchlight wins GB Cup for Small Clubs 2015 **
09th February 2015
Catchlight CC has managed another "1st" in National Competition, and another "1st" for NIPA by winning the GB Cup for Small Clubs in the Annual Competition run by the PAGB. Entry to the 'small clubs' competition is not determined by the number of members, but by the number/ability of the club members to produce an entry.
Although Catchlight CC has a membership of 40+, only 4 or 5 members actually enter the BPE National Exhibitions and/or FIAP International Salons. Needless to say, our entry was comprised of images from those members.

A slideshow of the winning entry:

The winning entry was as follows:

'Alien' by Bob Given: (13 points)

'Alone' by Ross McKelvey: (12 points)

Blue Eyes by Keith Elgin: (12 points)

Chainmail Beauty by Ross McKelvey: (14 points)

Hard Times by Hugh Wilkinson: (14 points)

Crunch Tackle by Hugh Wilkinson: (13 points)

High Atlas Children by Bob Given: (14 points)

Little Red Riding Hood by Bob Given: (13 points)

Lulu on the Rocks by Hugh Wilkinson: (13 points)

Storm Warning by Anne Given: (12 points)

Total Winning Score - 130 points
** Catchlight Member wins NIPA Novice Competition **
22nd January 2015
Catchlight Member Stephen Bassett has won the NIPA Novice Competition in Colour prints! His winning image was "Ella's eyes" and he also managed 2nd place with "Naked Pose." Congratulations Stephen! The competition was held at Bangor CC and the 3 judges were Stephen McWilliams ARPS, Trevor Craig and Anne Given CPAGB LRPS. This is a great start to the Year for Stephen, who recently achieved the LIPF and as a consequence would have been in the Advanced Section next Season regardless.
Brian McClure got 2nd place in mono prints with "waiting."
Joe Vize was Highly Commended in PDI.
Well done all, and thank you to our Novice members who submitted a large entry to the competition.

** Stephen Bassett LIPF Success **
23rd November 2014
Stephen Bassett joined Catchlight Camera Club only this season, having been a member of Carrickfergus CC beforehand. He has already made a valuable contribution to Catchlight by getting a Starred Print in Round One of the NIPA inter-Club Competition, and yesterday in Thurles, County Tipperary, Stephen was successful in achieving the coveted LIPF Distinction! This will mean Stephen can no longer participate as a 'beginner' in NIPA for next Season.

Stephen's panel of 10 'people' prints satisfied the judges that he had the requisite skills and demonstrated sufficient variety of approach to gain the award. Gabriel O'Shaughnessy FIPF FRPS MFIAP was tasked with 'critiquing' the successful panel, and remarked on the great layout of the panel, the fact that Stephen had opted for large prints (50x40cm mounted prints), and the high quality individual images that made up the panel.

Congratulations Stephen Bassett LIPF!

NB -(Ross McKelvey FIPF MPAGB EFIAP BPE5* was on the assessment panel, but did not participate in the judging process for the panel, as he had personal input, and knowledge of, the applicant)
Tips for newcomers to Club Photography
13th September 2014
The Path to Progress as a Club Photographer

Do not try to run before you can walk!!

Initially the world of competitive photography can be quite daunting. Resist the temptation to compare your own work against people who have been doing it for years – instead, you should aim to learn new skills and techniques, and compare your work in 6 months or a year’s time against what you did previously.

Take an active part in Club Competitions – particularly the internal Club ‘Photographer of the Year’ Competition which compels you to take photographs to suit a certain theme. Although your images may struggle to get selected for the Club’s entry to the NIPA Top Club Competition, it is important that you participate in the process. This teaches you the art of taking, composing, processing, printing and mounting an image for display, and you should hopefully receive feedback from Judges and fellow members as to how to improve. Submitting a digital image into the PDI Round is an easy way to start - and it will also teach you how to name, resize an image and get it in the correct colour space.

Think of entering any online or magazine competitions? Many magazines run a Photographer of the Year Competition, and these can be a good introduction to competitive photography. Remember to disregard much if not all the 'feedback' you get from friends and family on photo-sharing websites such as Flickr and Facebook etc - qualified and experienced photographic Judges really do know better (most, but not all of the time!)

Concentrate on a subject matter that you enjoy most - be it landscapes, portraiture, sport, street, natural history.......whatever! Read magazines, learn or improve your photoshop skills as well as your camera technique. Do not be afraid to seek help or guidance from those more experienced than you!

After a couple of seasons of actively taking part in the club competitions, you should hopefully build up a selection of images that could be used towards a Distinctions Panel such as the LRPS or LIPF or CPAGB? (Details elsewhere). These require 10 images (preferably prints!) and there are lots of Catchlight Camera Club members available to provide you with guidance and assistance towards such a Distinction.

If after a while you feel that your work has reached a certain standard, you might want to explore the World of Photographic Exhibitions (or ‘Salons’).

Overall, do not try to run before you can walk. Do not expect to compete against the top guns immediately – it takes time to progress! Photography is a skill as well as an art, and no matter who you are or what level you are at, you always have new things to learn.

September 2014
** Wed 10th September - Special Guest Speaker - Inaki Hernandez FIPF **
31st August 2014
On Wednesday 10th September we have a special guest speaker at Catchlight Camera Club - Inaki Hernandez FIPF - who specialises in architectural photography and gained his Fellowship with a panel of 20 remarkable colour architectural photographs.

Admission is free, and all guests are welcome as always on our guest speaker nights. Finaghy Community Centre, Benmore Drive, Finaghy Rd South, Belfast.
** Medals Galore for Bob Given in International Circuits **
20th June 2014
Bob Given DPAGB BPE3* LBIPP has had fantastic results in 2 International Circuit Salons - the first was the JCM Circuit in India, consisting of 3 Salons. In The New Delhi Salon he was awarded a FIAP Silver Medal for "Crunch" in the Photojournalism Section; In the Itarsi Salon he was awarded a JCM Gold Medal for "Black Widow" and a JCM Medal for "Claire Reclining" in the Figure Study Section. In the Pilakhuwa Salon he was awarded an Honourable Mention for "Black Widow."

In the Digital Photo World 3 Country Circuit, he won 3 Gold Medals and a couple of Honourable mentions, narrowly missing out on the Blue Badge for Best Individual Author in the Montenegro Salon -

Serbia Salon - DPW Gold Medal for "Crash Ball"; HM for "Paddy"

Bosnia Herzegovina Salon - HM for "Wet Jumper"

Montenegro Salon - FIAP Gold Medal for "Splash" and FIAP Gold Medal for "Wet Jumper."

So all in all a total of 6 Medals and several other Awards - well done Bob!

**Article on Composition **
19th June 2014
The handout for the 2nd Beginners Class on Photographic Composition can be downloaded from the following link:
** National Success for 4 Catchlight Members **
18th June 2014
The PAGB is the parent body for UK based Camera Clubs, and every Year it holds the PAGB National Exhibition, that is exhibited in various venues throughout the UK. The Exhibition Images are selected from each Federation's entries to the PAGB Inter-Federation Competition. Our local Federation is NIPA, and of the 40 images entered by NIPA, 8 were selected for the National Exhibition - and all 8 were from Catchlight Members!

Congratulations to Hugh Wilkinson CPAGB LIPF LRPS BPE2* who was awarded a PAGB Ribbon for the PDI entry "Hard Times." Hugh also had "Crunch Tackle" selected as a PDI.

Ross McKelvey MPAGB FIPF EFIAP BPE4* had a total of 4 images selected - 2 Mono prints, 1 Colour Print, and 1 PDI. "Underground Glamour" scored the maximum 15 points.

Anne Given LIPF CPAGB LRPS BPE2* had 1 PDI selected - "Raphaella" that was recently awarded Top Mono print in the NIPA Exhibition at the Waterfront Hall.

Bob Given DPAGB BPE3* LBIPP had 1 Nature PDI selected - "Yellowstone Fox."

Congratulations to all 4 Catchlight Camera Club Members - who will receive a Neill Marshall Medal from NIPA in recognition of the achievement.
*** Beginners Guide to Camera Settings ***
10th June 2014
On Wednesday 11 June, Catchlight Camera Club will be holding the first of 3 Beginners Classes. These are aimed primarily at new members of the Club, but non-members and friends can attend.
As this is being run outside of the Club Calendar, there is a small charge of £5 to attend each evening.

Wed 11th
Basic camera settings - advice on using P mode, AV, TV and manual mode.
The triangle of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.
Basic studio set up using Speedlites

Wed 18th
Basic photoshop (auto levels; curves; sharpening; cropping) - using images taken on Wed 11th
Composition - Rule of Thirds; Diagonals; S Curves; Simplicity; Leading lines etc

Wed 25th
Introduction to Club Photography (an explanation of what is involved in being a member of a camera club)
Demonstration of mounting and presentation of prints
Explanations of competitions, pdi sizes, NIPA/PAGB, etc.

Ross McKelvey has prepared a document on Basic Camera Settings that can be downloaded from the following link:
** Catchlight 1, 2, 3 in NIPA Annual Exhibition **
04th June 2014
Catchlight members have taken Bronze, Silver and Gold in the Colour print Section of the NIPA Annual Print Exhibition at Waterfront Hall, and Gold in the Mono prints Section, as well as numerous PAGB Ribbons! The Exhibition was judged by Michael O'Sullivan FIPF FRPS from Cork Camera Club.
From the 100 Prints that were selected for the Exhibition, 40 were from Catchlight Camera Club Members - meaning the Club accounted for 40% of the entire exhibition! Of particular note was the fact that both Bob Given and Ross mcKelvey had all 8 of their prints accepted into the Exhibition 4 colour and 4 mono! Well done all!

Anne Given CPAGB LRPS LIPF BPE2* capped a very successful first season in Catchlight by winning her first Gold PAGB Medal for 'Storm Warning- Raphaella' :

Hugh Wilkinson CPAGB LRPS LIPF BPE2* was awarded the Gold Medal for Top Colour print with "Land of Giants" (an image that was recently awarded Top Colour print of the NIPA inter-club Season) :

Ross McKelvey MPAGB FIPF EFIAP BPE4* was awarded the Silver Medal for "Lady in Waiting"

Gerald Gribbon was awarded a Bronze Medal for "The Stare"

In addition to the Medals, Bob Given DPAGB BPE3* LBIPP was awarded 2 PAGB Ribbons for "Wet Jumper" and "Lone Bison Yellowstone" :

Ross McKelvey MPAGB FIPF EFIAP BPE4* was awarded a PAGB Ribbon for "Moody Hoody"

In Colour prints, Martin Courtney AIPF was awarded a PAGB Ribbon for "Honesty"

And Bob Given was awarded a PAGB Ribbon for "Yellowstone Fox"

In the PDI Section, Valerine McKee LIPF was awarded a PAGB Ribbon for "Common Blue Butterfly"

And Hugh Wilkinson CPAGB LRPS LIPF BPE2* was awarded a PAGB Ribbon for "Heavy Tackle"

Congratulations to all our members who had success in having images selected for the Exhibition!
** Excellence FIAP Award **
21st May 2014
In the same week as achieving the Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation (FIPF) Ross McKelvey has been awarded the Excellence FIAP Award (EFIAP)- which makes him the only photographer in N.Ireland to hold that Distinction.
The EFIAP requires 250 acceptances into International Photographic Exhibitions in at least 20 different Countries, with at least 50 different pictures. Ross has had work exhibited in Countries right across the World, from Argentina to USA, Serbia, Holland, Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic as well as Ireland and UK. Many medals and awards were achieved along the way, the most notable being:

'Stephen' - this image was the Grand Prix Winner in Serbia, coming 1st from a total of 11,201 photographs from 692 photographers from 59 different Countries! The image was on the front cover of the Exhibition Catalogue that was sent out to those 692 photographers throughout the World.
It was also awarded Top Mono print in the Celtic Challenge in Wales 2012 and a Royal Photographic Society Gold Medal in the Edinburgh International 2012.

Subway Muscle - the only image to be awarded 2 individual FIAP Gold Medals, and also winning FIAP Silver, PAGB Gold, and PAGB Silver. It was also the Top Mono Print of the entire UK at the PAGB Print Championships at Connahs Quay 2012.

FIAP stands for FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L'ART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE - the body that awards patronage to the various International Photographic Salons, and oversees the FIAP Distinctions Awards.
** Ross McKelvey Awarded Fellowship of IPF **
18th May 2014
Catchlight Camera Club is proud to say that Immediate Past Chairman Ross McKelvey was awarded the Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation at Mullingar on Saturday 17th May 2014.
The panel of 20 "Timeless and Memorable Portraits" was awarded the Fellowship by a panel of highly qualified Judges including Anne Cassidy FRPS FIPF, Gabriel O'Shaughnessy FIPF FRPS MFIAP, Seamus Costello FIPF, Judy Boyle FIPF FRPS, Des Clinton FIPF FRPS, Michael O'Sullivan FIPF FRPS, and Paul Stanley FIPF.
There were 5 Fellowship applications on Saturday, and this was the only successful panel on the day! If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.....this was a completely different panel to his first attempt 2 years ago, which consisted of 20 digital composites. Ross felt that the original panel was not worth spending any more time on, and instead went back to the drawing board - before coming up with this panel of 20 mono portraits and making a fresh submission.

Statement of Intent:

Monochrome photography is undoubtedly an art form. By deliberately discarding the distraction of colour, attention is focused onto the visual building blocks of texture, tonal contrast, shape, form and lighting. My intention has been to use all of these elements to create a panel of 20 memorable and timeless portraits. The challenge was to do so in such a way that the grittiness of the male portrait would sit comfortably with the beauty of the female face, and the female form.
In the absence of colour, the viewer’s attention is drawn to the eyes and the faces, the texture of clothing, the lines of the body, the light and the shadows.
I present 20 memorable and timeless portraits - each with a story to tell, a character or a beauty to portray. Monochrome photography will surely be enjoyed forever!

Ross McKelvey
May 2014

Large download of panel layout:

** All Change after AGM **
16th May 2014
At the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 14th May, a new set of Club Officers was appointed for next Season:

Chairman : Terry McCreesh
Vice Chairman : Bob Given
Treasurer : Liam O'Reilly
Programme Secretary : Anne Given
NIPA Rep : Ross McKelvey

Other Committee Members:
Paul Jepps; Gerald Gribbon; Dean Irvine


The current season has been nothing short of remarkable for Catchlight Camera Club. In 2 short Years the Club has established a solid membership base, that has excelled not only on the local stage, but Nationally and Internationally as well. I have been extremely proud and fortunate to be Chairman during these 2 formative and successful years.
In terms of competition, Catchlight Camera Club did unbelievably well :-
1. We won the NIPA Top Club Competition, including both the main and the Novice Sections.
2. We became the first NI Camera Club ever to win the Plate Competition at the PAGB Print Championships at Connahs Quay.
3. We came 13th in the FIAP Clubs’ World Cup – a particularly remarkable achievement!

On the individual front, many members achievements are worthy of mention:
Caroline Hughes won the NIPA Novice Photographer of the Year Competition. Several other novice members got Starred images in the inter-club competition which helped win the Novice Section of the inter-club competition, as well as the Top Club Title – Leo McCourt, Ian Humes and Anto Dargan.
Hugh Wilkinson had the Top Colour Print, and Bob Given had the Top Mono Print, in the NIPA inter-club competition.
John Lawell achieved the AIPF, Valerie McKee, Hugh Wilkinson, and Anne Given all achieved the LIPF; Peggy Turner, Ian Humes, Anne Given and Hugh Wilkinson achieved the LRPS.
I won the Will McCrum Cup for Portraiture, with Hugh Wilkinson the runner-up.
Those of us who enter the National and International Exhibitions had fantastic success, helping to put the name Catchlight Camera Club out onto the larger stage. Hardly a National Exhibition passed without at least a couple of awards for Bob Given, Anne Given, Hugh Wilkinson or myself. Bob Given achieved BPE3*, Hugh Wilkinson BPE2*, Anne Given BPE1* and myself BPE4*. Cups, medals and ribbons came all our ways. We hope to have more members taking part next Season.
We also held a mini exhibition at Belfast City Hospital which was very well received, and we hosted Round 4 of the inter-club competition which again, was well received.
Overall we tried to provide the members with a varied calendar of events, opportunities to learn and improve, and hopefully we will have more of the same going forward. In particular I would like to thank our many guest speakers who provided us with lots of information and inspiration.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the smooth running of the Club during the season, from fellow Club Officers to committee members, and those unsung heroes who are always on hand to help set things up or put things away. You know who you are, and I thank you all. In particular I would like to thank Vice-Chairman Terry McCreesh and Treasurer Liam O’Reilly for their assistance as Club Officers.

Going forward, we hope to arrange a full and varied programme for next Season, and potentially open the doors for a number of new members. Unless the majority of members attend on a regular basis, a low turn out does not do justice to the varied programme we provide, and what we are trying to achieve. In the inter-club competition we had 21 individual members with images selected to represent the Club, and 9 individual members managed to get Starred. This augurs well for the future of the Club.
I encourage all of you to get involved in the management of the Club, and look to help those in charge to organise the weekly meetings, events and competitions.

After 5 years in a row as a camera club Chairman, I know only too well that my leadership style is Dictatorial, and may not be to everyone’s taste - but no-one can argue that I ‘get things done,’ and done to the best of my ability. Rest assured, I am looking forward to a place in the cheap seats, and I believe I have earned it!

Chairman 2014