** Advice Leaflet for Distinctions Applicants **
08th April 2014
The following information leaflet will be available on Wednesday 9 April at Catchlight Camera Club. Feel free to copy and paste and print at home!


Distinctions are offered by 3 main bodies in UK & Ireland:

• Royal Photographic Society (RPS)
• Irish Photographic federation (IPF)
• Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)

The RPS and IPF award Distinctions based on a cohesive panel of pictures, whether Print or PDI. There are 3 levels – the L, the A and the F. These stand for Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship respectively, leading to LRPS/LIPF, ARPS/AIPF and FRPS/FIPF.

The ‘L’ is based on a panel of 10 images. In order to obtain the ‘L’ your prints need to be of a good standard, properly presented (matching mounts, cohesive layout, not soft and not over-sharpened etc). Normally for an ‘L’ panel you will display variety, namely a variety in approach and techniques but not necessarily in subject matter. Most people tend to mix landscapes, portraits, nature/wildlife, still life, sport, street, travel etc but it is entirely possible to concentrate on your preferred genre – so long as you show a variety of approach.

The ‘A’ is based on a panel of 15 images. It is a significant step-up from the L. The ‘A’ requires pictures of a high standard, showing cohesion, personal style, and complete control of all technical aspects of photography. The ‘A’ is accompanied by a written ‘statement of intent’ where you explain why the images were taken, what you are trying to achieve and place the panel in a meaningful context.

The ‘F’ is based on 20 images. This requires images of an outstanding photographic and creative standard. It is also accompanied by a statement of intent. Only those with the ARPS/AIPF can apply.

The standard required for each of the Distinctions are broadly similar. There is a cost for application - €80 for the LIPF (€40 if submitted via a club affiliated to the IPF) and £60 for the LRPS. There is then an annual fee for IPF Distinctions Holders - €25 for the IPF. With the RPS, you MUST become a member, and you must remain a member in order to keep using the Distinction. The Annual Membership fee for the RPS is £114.00 and includes inter-alia, subscription to a monthly magazine publication.

PAGB – Awards for Photographic Merit
The PAGB also offers 3 levels of Distinction – the CPAGB, DPAGB and MPAGB. These stand for Credit, Distinction and Master respectively. Again the levels require 10, 15 and 20 images. However there are 2 major differences between the PAGB Distinctions and the RPS/IPF Distinctions –
• The PAGB Awards are for life, with no recurring fee other than the initial application fee.
• The entry images are judged (or more accurately ‘scored’) as individual images, not as a panel. Once all your images have been scored (from 12 to 30) by a panel of 6 experienced judges, your total combined score must reach the target score – 200 for the ‘C,’ 300 for the ‘D,’ and 450 for the ‘M.’
The CPAGB is judged to the standard of ‘Good Club Photography.’ In N.I terms, that means an image that would normally be Starred in an inter-club Round, or a near-miss (ie scoring 11+).
The DPAGB is judged to the standard of Open Exhibition Photography – ie an image that is more likely than not, to be accepted into an Open Exhibition.
The MPAGB seeks to recognize the Highest Standard of UK Amateur Photography – ie images that would achieve considerable success in International Exhibitions, with frequent and consistent acceptances.

Links for more information:

*** Wednesday 9th April - Distinctions Advice Night ***
02nd April 2014
On Wednesday 9th April Catchlight Camera Club will be holding a Distinctions Advice Night - this event is open to anyone, whether a member of a camera club or not.

There will be at least 5 recent LRPS and LIPF Panels on display - from Catchlight's Hugh Wilkinson LRPS; Anne Given LRPS; Ian Humes LRPS and Peggy Turner LRPS; Dermott Sweeney LIPF from BPIC -; Gareth O'Cathain LRPS from BPIC - Paul Killeen LRPS from CBPPU, and John Tinneny LRPS who recently gained his LRPS but who has not been a camera club member to date.

We will also have 2 AIPF Panels - Martin Courtney AIPF and John Lawell AIPF.

So if you have been considering going for a Distinction, but do not know how to go about it, this is an opportunity to see the standard required and to ask questions/seek advice from experienced Club Photographers.

** This event is entirely OPEN to anyone, whether a member of a camera club or not **

7.45pm at Finaghy Community Centre, Benmore Drive, Finaghy Rd South, Belfast.

** Wednesday 2 April - Gabriel O'Shaughnessy MFIAP FIPF FRPS EFIAP/b **
27th March 2014
On Wednesday 2nd April we have a Guest Presentation by Gabriel O'Shaughnessy MFIAP FIPF FRPS EFIAP/b. Gabriel, a long standing member of Dundalk Photographic Society, is a highly acclaimed photographer and Judge of International Salons. He will be displaying prints, including both Fellowship Panels from the Royal Photographic Society, and the Irish Photographic federation.
Gabriel was Chairman of Dundalk when it became the First Irish Club to win the FIAP World Cup.
A night not to be missed, and as usual for Catchlight Camera Club, ALL GUESTS AND FRIENDS ARE WELCOME!!


7.45PM sharp

** Photographer of the Year Competition - Round 1 **
26th March 2014
On Wednesday 26th March the Club held Round 1 of the Photographer of the Year Competition - with the theme being 'Movement.' The Judge was Brian McKenna from Merville CC.

In the Advanced Section the results were as follows:

Advanced Mono :

1st Gerald Gribbon

2nd Ross McKelvey

3rd Bob Given

4th Hugh Wilkinson

5th Anne Given

Advanced Colour:

1st Ross McKelvey

2nd Bob Given

3rd Tommy Dickson

4th Anne Given

5th Stephen Wilson


Novice Colour:

1st Peter Lennon

2nd Ian Humes

3rd Keith Wilson

4th Anto Dargan

5th Shirley O'Neill

Novice Mono:

1st Michael Ross

2nd Philip Sloan

3rd Ian Humes

4th Shirley O'Neill

5th Peter Lennon


Advanced -
Ross McKelvey 19 points
Bob Given 17 points
Gerald Gribbon 15 points
Anne Given 13 point
Hugh Wilkinson 12 points
Stephen Wilson 11 points

Novice -
Ian Humes 17 points
Peter Lennon 16 points
Michael Ross 15 points
Shirley O'Neill 13 points
Keith Wilson 13 points
Anto Dargan 12 points
** 22 Starred Images over 5 Rounds for Catchlight **
20th March 2014
During the Season's Top Club Competition, Catchlight Members managed to get 22 individual images 'Starred' by NIPA. A total of 21 individual members managed to have their work selected to represent the Club in the Competition, and 9 members got starred images. 4 were by Novice Members - Caroline Hughes, Ian Humes, Leo McCourt and Anto Dargan. The remainder were by Paul Hanley (1), Bob Given (5), Hugh Wilkinson (5), Ross McKelvey (6) and Anne Given (1).
(In 2012/13 when we marginally finished second, we had only 18 Starred images in the season)

The entire 22 Starred images were as follows:

Caroline Hughes - Tony

Hugh Wilkinson - Land of Giants

Paul Hanley - La Defense Reflected

Bob Given - Yellowstone Fox

Anto Dargan - Cathy

Bob Given - Wet Jumper

Ross McKelvey - Fredau's Shawl

Leo McCourt - George

Ross McKelvey - The Grey Hat

Ross McKelvey - Ekaterina

Hugh Wilkinson - Crunch Tackle

Bob Given - In the Drawing Room

Bob Given - Brokedown Palace

Hugh Wilkinson - Old Car

Ross McKelvey - Patricia

Ian Humes - Dungory Castle

Ross McKelvey - Cheeky Hanger

Ross McKelvey - Moody Hoody

Bob Given - Pat

Hugh Wilkinson - Fredau

Anne Given - Raphaella

Hugh Wilkinson - Hard Times

*** Top Club in NI - Catchlight Camera Club ***
19th March 2014

Catchlight Camera Club is extremely proud to have won the title of Top Club in the NIPA inter-club competition 2013/14! To win the competition, (which is run over 5 Rounds throughout the season), requires a lot of effort from ALL the clubs' members. CBPPU was the reigning Top Club from last season, and it was never going to relinquish the title without a tough competition.

The final Round was the 'Portrait' themed Round, and Catchlight managed 5 stars in total, taking its overall total score to 504 points. CBPPU came second on 475 points.

Ross McKelvey was the joint top Mono Print (along with Damian McDonald from CBPPU) with 'Moody Hoody' and Hugh Wilkinson and Anne Given both shared Top PDI with 'Hard Times' and 'Raphaella' respectively. Bob Given and Hugh Wilkinson also got 2nd in Colour Prints with 'Pat' and 'Fredau.'

However it is not the 'Starred' images that get you the Top Club Title - it is the scores across the board; the images that were NOT selected to go forward; the strength in depth throughout the Club. This was a real Team effort, with all members gracefully accepting the decisions as to what went forward to NIPA - even when it went against them. The themed Rounds in particular, require the members to go out and shoot images that will stand out from the crowd.

Catchlight also won the NIPA Novice inter-club competition, which is testament to the progression of our novice photographers throughout the season!

Congratulations and well done to all our members!

Catchlight Camera Club Committee

Moody Hoody - 1st Mono Print - Ross McKelvey MPAGB AFIAP BPE4*

Hard Times - 1st PDI - Hugh Wilkinson CPAGB LIPF LRPS BPE1*

Raphaella - 1st PDI - Anne Given CPAGB LIPF LRPS BPE1*

Pat - 2nd Colour Prints - Bob Given DPAGB LBIPP BPE3*

Fredau - 2nd Colour Prints - Hugh Wilkinson CPAGB LIPF LRPS BPE1*

** Bob Given DPAGB LBIPP gains BPE3* Award **
13th March 2014
After the results from vale Of Evesham National Exhibition 2014, Bob Given has reached the milestone required for BPE3* - 100+ acceptances into BPE National Exhibitions. Bob got a total of 9 acceptances from 12, with 2 awards - a PAGB Ribbon for "Wet Jumper" and a BPE Ribbon for "Elephant Seals Mating."

Hugh Wilkinson is steadily approaching the BPE2* milestone, with a total of 6 acceptances from 8.

Anne Given had 4 acceptances and Ross McKelvey had 6 acceptances and one award - a BPE Ribbon for "50 Shades."

Incredibly, the 4 members between them managed a total of 14 out of a possible 16 mono images accepted - testimony to the standard of mono photography in Catchlight Camera Club!!

*** Catchlight excels in Basingstoke National Exhibition ***
05th March 2014
4 individual members of Catchlight Camera Club gained awards in the Basingstoke National Exhibition 2014, with a fantastic set of results:

Ross McKelvey MPAGB AFIAP BPE4* was awarded Silver and Bronze Medals in the Portrait Section with "The Orange Shawl" and Moody Hoody."

Bob Given DPAGB LBIPP BPE2* was awarded a Silver Medal for "Loose ball" in the monochrome section, and a Selectors Award in the Portrait Section for "Pat."

Hugh Wilkinson CPAGB LIPF LRPS BPE1* was awarded Commended for "Heavy Tackle" in the monochrome section, and a Highly Commended for "Distant Gaze" in the Portrait Section.

Anne Given CPAGB LIPF LRPS BPE1* was awarded a Selectors Award for "Back Up" in the monochrome section, and Commended for "Raphaella" in the Portrait Section.

In all, Catchlight Camera Club had 5 Awards from 4 different members in the Portrait Section in this National Exhibition!!

The Orange Shawl - Silver Medal

Moody Hoody - Bronze Medal

Loose Ball - Silver Medal

Pat - Selectors Award

Heavy Tackle - Commended

Distant Gaze - Highly Commended

Back Up - Selectors Award

Raphaella - Commended

** Anne Given CPAGB LIPF LRPS **
25th February 2014
Anne Given's recent success in achieving the LIPF and LRPS Distinctions has spurred her on to entering the National and International Competitions - and we are proud to report that she has had considerable success on the larger stage.

Ann was awarded the Leigh Preston Judge's Medal in the Southport National Open Exhibition 2014 with 'Krossfjorden.'


In the Bristol International Salon 2014, Ann managed to get a whopping 8 acceptances, and 2 awards - with Honourable Mentions for 'Kittywakes' and 'Mean Left Hook.'


Mean Left Hook:

Why not make 2014 the year that YOU tried your luck on the larger stage?!
** Success at National Level Continues **
25th February 2014
Several Catchlight Camera Club members are now regularly competing at National & International level, through the various BPE Exhibitions and FIAP Salons.
We are delighted to report that Bob Given DPAGB BPE2* has won The Southport Trophy for the Top Mono image in the Southport Open Exhibition 2014, with "Wet Jumper." Bob managed 5 acceptances in total in the Southport Exhibition. Wet Jumper also received an Honourable mention Award in the Bristol Salon 2014.

Wet Jumper - The Southport Trophy 2014

At the Water Station

Loose Ball


Yellowstone Fox

Some of Bob's images that were accepted into the Bristol Salon 2014:

At the Livestock Auction


Scrum Half Pass

** 4 Catchlight Members gain LRPS **
24th February 2014
The Royal Photographic Society held an LRPS Panel assessment in Belfast for the first time on Sunday 23 February. 4 of our members applied, and all 4 were successful. Congratulations to Peggy Turner and Ian Humes who gained their first photographic Distinction, and to Anne Given and Hugh Wilkinson who added LRPS to their current Distinctions.

Peggy Turner LRPS:

Ian Humes LRPS:

Anne Given LRPS:

Hugh Wilkinson LRPS:

"Selfies" competition
16th February 2014
On Wednesday 12 February Catchlight Camera Club held a "Selfies" competition just for fun!

Here are some of the ideas that our clever members came up with!

** Mini Club Exhibition at Belfast City Hospital Tower Gallery **
28th January 2014
Catchlight Camera Club now has a mini exhibition consisting of 24 framed prints by 24 individual members of all abilities from novice to advanced, on display at the Tower Gallery, Belfast City Hospital.
The exhibition will hang throughout the month of February 2014, until early March, and is courtesy of Arts Care NI.

** Catchlight CC member Caroline Hughes wins Novice Competition **
27th January 2014
Caatchlight Camera Club Member Caroline Hughes has won the NIPA Annual Novice Competition with a mono print entitled "Tony." Caroline has been a member of Catchlight Camera Club for 2 years, and first came to prominence last Season when she was awarded a Bronze Medal in the East Antrim Exhibition with a portrait entitled "India." Caroline attended studio lighting workshops at Catchlight Studios, before hiring the studio entirely on her own to produce her winning print.

This latest accolade now means that Caroline Hughes will be in the Advanced Section of the Club next Season - something she has demonstrated she is more than ready for!

Well done Caroline!

"Tony" - top mono print in NIPA Annual Novice Competition, and overall top Novice Award 2013/14.

**Wed 15 January - Guest Speaker Ciaran DeBhal AIPF ARPS AFIAP
10th January 2014
On Wednesday 15th January we have a Guest Speaker from Dundalk PS - Cairan DeBhal. Ciaran has been a member of Dundalk Photo Society since 2001 and is currently Chairman. He was a Member of the winning panel in the FIAP Clubs World Cup in 2010 and runners-up in 2011. Gained ARPS and AIPF distinctions in 2008 and AFIAP in 2010.
Ciaran is a Popular club lecturer in Photoshop and Small Flash lighting as well as being in demand to judge club competitions. His passion is street portraiture and environmental portraiture.

Guests welcome!

** Will McCrum Memorial Cup 2013 **
09th January 2014
The Will McCrum Memorial Cup for Portraiture was hosted by CPA Camera Club on Tuesday 7th January, and Catchlight Members put in a tremendous showing, with Club Chairman Ross McKelvey managing to lift the Trophy for the second time - with a portrait of fellow member Gerald Gribbon, entitled 'Moody hoody.'
In all, Catchlight members took the Top 3 places, with several Commended and Highly Commended.
The Will McCrum Memorial Cup Competition will hopefully go from strength to strength, with the support from camera clubs all over the province. It was great to see a large entry, and a good attendance to hear the Judge, professional photographer William Mateer from Templepatrick, provide positive and encouraging feedback on all the entries.

Martin Courtney was Commended :

Bob Given was Commended:

Ross McKelvey was Highly Commended:

Paul Jepps was highly Commended:

Ross McKelvey was Highly Commended:

Ross McKelvey was awarded 3rd Place:

Hugh Wilkinson was awarded 2nd Place:

Ross McKelvey was awarded 1st Place and the Will McCrum Trophy:

Multiple Success in Bebington Salon 2013
25th December 2013
Catchlight Camera Club members had several successes in the final BPE Salon of the Year - The Bebington National Salon 2013.

Bob Given DPAGB BPE2* LBIPP was awarded 2 medals and a Highly Commended; Anne Given LIPF CPAGB got a Commended and Hugh Wilkinson CPAGB LIPF BPE1* got a Commended!

PAGB Silver Medal for 'Loose Ball' by Bob Given:

PAGB Bronze Medal for 'Kittiwakes, Svalbard' by Bob Given:

Highly Commended 'Yellowstone Fox' by Bob Given:

Mean Left Hook by Anne Given:

The Shepherd by Hugh Wilkinson:

BPE1* Awarded to Hugh Wilkinson CPAGB LIPF
10th December 2013
Hugh Wilkinson has added BPE1* to his CPAGB and LIPF Distinctions, after getting a total of 25 images accepted into National Exhibitions throughout the UK.
The latest exhibition is The Solihull Open Exhibition 2013 where Hugh managed to get 6 acceptances including a Highly Commended Award!

Congratulations Hugh!

'Heavy Tackle' - Highly Commended

Young Buskers


Whistle Blower

BPE2* and BPE4* achieved by 2 Catchlight Members
29th November 2013
Congratulations to Club Members Bob Given and Ross McKelvey who this week achieved the BPE2* and BPE4* Awards respectively from British Photographic Exhibitions, after the results of the Frome National Exhibition were announced.

BPE2* requires 50 accepted images in UK National Exhibitions, and BPE4* requires 200. Hugh Wilkinson is also well on his way to achieving BPE1*

Bob Given was also awarded a Highly Commended in Frome for his image 'Wet Jumper' :

Blue Ice by Bob Given:

Loose Ball by Bob Given:

Fredau's Shawl by Ross McKelvey:

Ekaterina by Ross McKelvey :

Say it with Roses by Hugh Wilkinson:

Crunch Tackle by Hugh Wilkinson:

** 6 Starred Images in Round 2 NIPA Top Club Competition **
29th November 2013
Catchlight Camera Club members managed 6 starred images in Round 2 of the Top Club Competition held at Ballymoney Town Hall on Wednesday 27th November. Catchlight has now extended its lead in the overall competition, with Ballynahinch CC in 2nd place.

Ballymoney & Fairhead Clubs deserve great credit for the manner in which Round 2 was hosted - an excellent venue, well attended, and great hospitality with sandwiches and cakes provided during the refreshment break! Thank you to both clubs for your generosity and hospitality.

Starred Images:

Hugh Wilkinson - Top PDI for 'Crunch Tackle'

Ross McKelvey for Fredau's Shawl in Mono prints:

Ross McKelvey Top Colour Print for 'The Grey Hat':

Leo McCourt for 'George' in mono Prints:

Bob Given for 'Wet Jumper' in Mono Prints:

Ross McKelvey for 'Ekaterina' in Colour Prints: