** Catchlight Members success in NIPA Exhibition 2013 **
03rd March 2013
Catchlight Members had considerable success in the NIPA Annual Exhibition 2013 which will shortly be available to view in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

Ross McKelvey ARPS DPAGB had 4 prints accepted, and was awarded 2nd place and a Silver PAGB Medal in Mono Prints, as well as 2 PAGB Ribbons.
Terry McCreesh was awarded a PAGB Ribbon in PDI's.
Paul Hanley LRPS had 2 mono prints and 1 colour print accepted.
Martin Courtney AIPF had 1 mono print and 2 colour prints accepted.
Melissa Gordon LIPF had a colour print accepted.
Paul Jepps had a colour print accepted.

Well done to everyone!

Terry McCreesh PAGB Ribbon for 'All American.'

Martin Courtney AIPF:

Melissa Gordon LIPF :

Paul Jepps:

Paul Hanley LRPS :

Ross McKelvey ARPS DPAGB :

PAGB Silver Medal for 'One Black one, One White one'

PAGB Ribbon for 'Underground Glamour'

PAGB Ribbon for 'Top Drawer'

** New Video Tutorial **
02nd March 2013
On Saturday 2 March, the Creative Photo Imaging Club which is affiliated to the Irish Photographic Federation held a portrait event at Lansdowne Hotel, Belfast. Ross McKelvey took the mono portrait of 'Geordie' and then prepared a video tutorial highlighting his techniques from the original RAW file:

FIAP Gold Medal in 100th Southampton International Exhibition 2013
27th February 2013
Ross McKelvey ARPS DPAGB has been awarded a FIAP Gold Medal for the mono print entitled 'Subway Muscle' in the 100th Southampton International Exhibition 2013. This is the 4th major award for this print, following a PSA Silver in Tallaght; a FIAP Silver Medal in Smethwick; and a PAGB Gold Medal in Bromsgrove 2012.

The same print was not even selected for the local NIPA Exhibition in Belfast 2013 - so if you are smarting at your Results from the NIPA Exhibition, do not get down-hearted. The NIPA Exhibition is judged by one person whereas the National and International Exhibitions are judged by 3 experienced Photographic Judges.

** NIPA Round 4 Results**
26th February 2013
Catchlight Members managed 4 Starred images in Round 4 of the NIPA Inter-Club Competition. Patricia McKee got a second NIPA Star for a monochrome print entitled 'Obedient Puppy.' Melissa Gordon got a Star in Colour Prints for 'Teddy Bear Picnic.' And Ross McKelvey got 2 Stars - one in Colour Prints for 'Kathy,' and one in PDI's for 'Snow Queen.'

We scored a total of 108 points in the Round - which equates to an average of 12 points per image over 9 images! Catchlight still lies in 2nd place overall, just 5.5 points behind CBPPU who maintain the lead they have held all season.
All will be decided in the 5th and Final Round - 'Documentary' to be hosted by Dungannon CC on Wednesday 20 March.

**New 'home' for Catchlight Camera Club**
06th February 2013
With immediate effect, the venue for meetings of Catchlight Camera Club will be Finaghy Community Centre, Benmore Drive, off Finaghy Road South.

The Club meets every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm until 10.00pm.

Ross McKelvey ARPS DPAGB
Club Chairman

'Triangles' - NIPA Round 3
02nd February 2013
Triangles was the difficult theme for the NIPA Round 3 competition. The Judges interpreted the theme very strictly, with little room for more 'artistic' interpretation - in other words if the picture did not contain a true triangle, it was marked low - for example the picture of the pool balls below. There may not be a triangle in the picture, but the balls were clearly formed in a triangular shape - however this type of picture did not score well.
As expected there were lots of pictures of the Titanic Building, and the Victoria Centre Roof!
Congratulations to Christian Brothers Camera Club (which was the only Club to score over 100 points in the Round) and managed 6 Starred images overall. CBPPU is now 10.5 points in the overall lead. Catchlight is in second place, 14 points ahead of Banbridge in 3rd place.

Congratulations to Catchlight Member Dean Irvine on his first NIPA Star, and Tommy Dickson who managed 3 Stars!
1. Melissa by Tommy Dickson (Starred in PDI Section)

2. Disney Triangles by Dean Irvine (Starred in mono prints)

3. Tools by Tommy Dickson (Starred in mono prints)

4. Pool Triangle by Patricia McKee. This is the shot of pool balls which does not contain a true triangle and was marked 7 points - despite the composition 'creating' triangles on the bottom left and bottom right on the blue baize, and the balls being arranged in a triangular shape?

5. Triangular Portfolio by Tommy Dickson (Starred in PDI Section)

6. Triangles by Leo McCourt

7. Umbrella by Tommy Dickson. This image surprisingly did not score well either!

Wednesday 30 January - Keith Wilson on Lightroom 4
28th January 2013
This week Catchlight member Keith Wilson will give a presentation on the use of Lightroom, with a particular bias towards workflow, and in particular working at speed using custom filters and keyboard shortcuts. Keith will also demonstrate some retouching techniques using Lightroom, Photoshop plugins and other techniques learnt from YouTube, Kelby Training and courses in Calumet.

Will McCrum Memorial Trophy
09th January 2013
Will McCrum Memorial Cup

CPA Camera Club held the inaugural Will McCrum Memorial Cup competition at Morton Community Centre on Tuesday 8 January 2013. This competition celebrated the life and talents of one of the club and Northern Ireland’s most well loved photographers - Will McCrum ARPS EFIAP.

Known to everyone simply as Will, his contribution to the CPA and the world of photography both nationally and internationally should never be forgotten. The theme for the Competition was 'Portraiture' and prints were 16" minimum on the long side.

The competition was judged by Magnum Photographer, Donovan Wylie, and Catchlight Members provided 4 out of the Top 6 Prints.

Paul Jepps got a Highly Commended print, as did Ross McKelvey. Martin Courtney got 3rd place, and Ross McKelvey was awarded the Trophy for the mono print entitled 'Stephen.'

Paul Jepps print entitled Gerald:

Martin Courtneys Print entitled 'The Joiner:'

The winning print by Ross McKelvey :

Wednesday 9 January
07th January 2013
The Annual NIPA Exhibition is almost upon us, and members are asked to bring along a selection of images they are considering entering - to receive feedback or suggestions as to improvement etc. The mount size for prints is 50cm x 40xm and prints can be submitted until the end of January 2013.

The NIPA Exhibition is an opportunity to have your work framed and displayed in several public places throughout the Year, including the prestigious Waterfront Hall, Belfast. The Exhibition carries PAGB Patronage, with medals and ribbons awarded to the Top Entries in each section.

Members are asked to support this NIPA event and put on a good showing for Catchlight Camera Club.

Catchlight Committee

The Top Mono Print from NIPA Exhibition 2012:

Seana, by Ross McKelvey ARPS DPAGB

** Royal Photographic Society Biennial Competition **
25th November 2012
A print from Ross McKelvey ARPS DPAGB has been selected as part of the Top 100 Prints which will form the Royal Photographic Society's Biennial Touring Exhibition in 2013. Over 8824 prints were entered from RPS members from all over the World, which means to get selected in the Top 100, it has to be judged in the top 1.2% of entries.

The print, entitled 'Seana' was judged Top Print in the NIPA Annual Exhibition 2012, and has won a total of 7 Medals in National and International Competitions during 2012.

It will now be viewed in venues all over the UK and Overseas during 2013.

** Magazine Cover Success **
09th November 2012
Catchlight Chairman Ross McKelvey has won a Magazine Cover Competition with a Studio Portrait of a local model, Cathy Henning, taken in Catchlight Studio. Professional makeup was applied by Kathy Carroll of The Makeup Boudoir, and the picture is entitled 'Budding Beauty.'
The 'Photography Week' is a digital only magazine, which can be purchased via iTunes or internet download.
The Magazine cover is pictured below:

Wednesday 7 November - Still Life Studio
03rd November 2012
This week members will use the studio facilities at Catchlight to create still life pictures - trying to make the ordinary look extraordinary. Whether it be forks or spoons - watch this space!

** NIPA Round 1 Results **
26th October 2012
The Results of the NIPA inter-Club Competition were presented at Christian Brothers Camera Club, Antrim Road on Thursday 25 October.

Catchlight Camera Club managed to achieve 3 NIPA Starred images - Martin Courtney AIPF with 2, and Ross McKelvey ARPS DPAGB with 1.
Martin Courtney's image entitled 'Knit one, purl one' was top mono print:

Martin Courtney's PDI, entitled 'Gran and Child'

Ross McKelvey with a mono print entitled 'Underground Glamour'

Catchlight finished Round 1 in 2nd place overall, just 1.5 points behind Christian Brothers, with a total of 105 points.

The entries for Round 2 have already been selected, and the Round will take place at Antrim Camera Club on Wednesday 28th November.

Ross McKelvey
Wednesday 24th October - NIPA Round 2 Selection
22nd October 2012
This Wednesday we are holding NIPA inter-club Round 2 selection. Members are entitled to bring 3 images in each category - Colour Prints; Mono Prints; and PDI. Prints should be mounted to 40cm x 30cm mount, and PDI's should be 1400pixels by 1050 pixels.

Results for Round 1 will be published on Thursday night at Christian Brothers Camera Club, when the images for Round 1 will be presented, with feedback from the 3 Judges.
Studio Night with Melissa Elliott
12th October 2012
This week members took advantage of the facilities offered by Catchlight Studio, to hold a studio night with Melissa Elliott as the model. Her makeup was done by Roisin Ireland from The Makeup Boudoir in the Conway Mill.

Martin Courtney AIPF:

Paul Jepps:

Terry McCreesh:

Caroline Hughes:

Wednesday 10 October - Studio Night
08th October 2012
This Wednesday is a studio night, when members will have the opportunity to use the full facilities of Catchlight Studios, including its infinity curve, grey wall, paper backgrounds and lighting accessories.
The model is Melissa Elliott and she will have professional make up beforehand.
Bring your cameras!

* Top Mono Print in UK & Ireland Competition *
28th September 2012
The Annual 'Celtic Challenge' Competition was held at Swansea, Wales at the weekend, where Photographic Regions representing N.Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Isle of Man compete against each other with a panel of 10 prints in each category.

A Print entitled 'Stephen' by Ross McKelvey ARPS DPAGB was awarded Top Mono Print in the competition:

2 other prints from Ross McKelvey were awarded the maximum score of 20/20 :

Overall, the competition was won by the Scottish Region, with Republic of Ireland in second place.
** Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art 2012 **
28th September 2012
Ross McKelvey has been awarded a PSA Silver Medal in the Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art for an image entitled 'Subway Muscle,' and a Ribbon for 'Johnny Fee.' The Tallaght International is Ireland's most prestigious Photographic Salon, receiving patronage from the IPF, FIAP and PSA.

Subway Muscle:

Johnny Fee :

Wednesday 3 October
27th September 2012
Next Wednesday, Catchlight Camera Club will be asking those members with Distinctions to display their Panels of Prints and discuss the individual photographs, the panel content and layout etc.

There should be an eclectic mix of panels from our members:

Brendan Gallagher LRPS Panel
Martin Courtney AIPF Panel
Ross McKelvey LRPS Panel and ARPS Panel
John Lawell LIPF Panel
Melissa Gordon LIPF Panel
John Agnew LIPF Panel

Anyone wishing to work towards a Distinction Panel should make sure to attend - and any questions or queries can be answered by the members presenting their panels. If you are wondering about all the various types of Distinctions available please see this helpful guide - everything from FIAP to RPS to BPE, IPF etc: