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Membership Enquiry



When was the club founded?

The club was founded in 2012 and is the result of the founding committee's vision to create a means by which both amateur and professional photographers in NI could come together to improve their photography: by gaining photographic distinctions, and competing in both national & international competitions. Encouraging members to aim higher and go further is still a guiding principle for the club to this day, and members are actively encouraged to pursue both routes to success.   



What does the club offer to new members?

A warm welcome and plenty of craic are guaranteed. In addition, members are encouraged to get involved in club activities, and are supported on their journey onwards and upwards towards distinctions and competition. Opportunities to gain feedback and mentoring from more experienced members is always available, as are opportunities to join club outings. New members quickly find that the 3 ‘F’s (Fun, Photography and Friendship) abound in equal measure!



Describe a typical club meeting.

A typical club meeting might be a session in a studio learning how to work with a model, how to achieve different lighting set ups and how to think about props and composites. Beginners and those less experienced will also be given guidance on camera settings, getting the most from the model, and help with ideas for styling and posing. Everyone is encouraged to find their own, even quirky, ideas for their photoshoot. Throughout the session, there is always a guiding hand to encourage everyone to get involved, or a nudging elbow to hurry up! Lots of fun learning is washed down with coffee & cake.  



Do you invite guest speakers?

The club calendar is packed with presentations, talks and workshops by many of the leading photographers and digital artists from across the UK and Ireland. Such talks are designed to motivate and inspire club members to explore and experiment with photographic techniques, editing and creative story telling.


What are the most popular photographic genres among your members?

Members, within the club, come with a diverse range of photographic interests which they are encouraged to develop and pursue. Strengths within the club are Fine Art Portraiture, Sports, Wildlife and Landscape photography. 



Do people compete in regional or national competitions?

Members actively participate in regional, national, and international competitions and exhibitions, and find that in doing so they gain considerable confidence in, and motivation to improve, their photography. Quite a few members have achieved notable / considerable success through this mechanism, and international recognition for the quality of their work.


Are any residential trips or outings planned?

The club has an active and varied programme of activities throughout the year, all designed to get members involved in working together to share knowledge / expertise and to build skills. Most weekends members can be found either on the touchline of a major sporting event in the pouring rain, or in the studio honing their lighting skills.


What are the clubs’ goals for the future?

Having achieved considerable success in recent years through the dedicated endeavours of club members, the club has no plans to rest on its laurels.  Instead, it has ambitious plans to help members pursue both individual and collective success.

Why not get in touch or better still, come along to one of our Club nights, Wednesday evenings at Finaghy Community Centre (meeting nights are detailed on the Calendar page).


Thanks for your interest in joining our club!

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