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Catchlight win PAGB Print Championships 2022

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Report from Club Chairman Leo McCourt:

This Weekend I had the pleasure of going over to the PAGB Print Championships on behalf of the club, with Jennifer and Ross. Jennifer very kindly offered to drive us there, many thanks J.

I am truly honoured to have been present at such an event that I have heard so much about. Being able to meet many in person and to see a wide range of quality photographs on display. It goes without saying Catchlight is very much held in high regard which of course is no surprise to all of us.

Special thanks to Ross McKelvey for his continued passion, hard work and encouragement for this club to succeed both nationally and internationally. It is extremely fitting that Catchlight were not only crowned Print Champions, but we also took the top Colour and top Mono prints, a first for the club.

Many Congratulations to Laurie Campbell and Jennifer Willis taking both the top prints, Colour - "Master of all he surveys", and Mono - "Unstoppable".

Congratulations also to Pamela Wilson with your "Alaskan Coastal Bear Cub" scoring a 15 in both rounds. Between you 3 ladies (Jennifer, Laurie & Pamela), you represented the club with 8 prints in round 1 and 9 prints in round 2. Two of those in R1 and Three in R2 scoring 15’s.

It was certainly noticeable the ladies were providing the goods for Catchlight on the Day. Delighted for you all. Of Course, other members were also involved, I have included the individual scores for both rounds below and I’d like to thank all those who submitted photographs for the competition.

A lot goes into the planning for this competition, but also on the day, attention needs to be paid on what is scoring well etc. Careful consideration needs to be given for what will possibly be entered in round 2 as well as meeting the correct criteria of mono, colour and also limits on author's work.

Unfortunately, not all who provided photographs were able to have work selected but had it been another day, a different selection may have been required. Keep up the great work guys and no doubt we’ll continue to push the boundaries of Photography.

For a relatively small camera club, Catchlight punches well above its weight and gets respect from those in the Photography World of whom we consider our friends.

PAGB Print Championships Round 1

(Consists of 12 Prints with a total score of 158 points)

  1. Double Trouble – Jennifer Willis - 13

  2. Master Of All He Surveys - Laurie Campbell 15

  3. Mr Cool Ross McKelvey 14

  4. Hitching a Ride – Laurie Campbell – 12

  5. Alaskan Coastal Bear Cub – Pamela Wilson – 15

  6. Nutcrackers – Pamela Wilson – 14

  7. Ayla – Ross McKelvey - 12

  8. Sandwiched – Jennifer Willis -13

  9. Bobby Bo – Leo McCourt – 12

  10. Aint that a Kick In the Teeth – William William G Strain – 13

  11. Girl with Piercing Eyes – Laurie Campbell – 13

  12. In My Life – Jennifer Willis – 12

PAGB Print Championships Round 2

(Consists of 15 Prints with a total score of 201 points)

  1. Double Trouble – Jennifer Willis -14

  2. Master Of All He Surveys – Laurie Campbell -15

  3. A Picture of Determination – Jennifer Willis 14

  4. Aint That A Kick In The Teeth – William Strain – 14

  5. Nutcrackers – Pamela Wilson – 13

  6. Sandwiched – Jennifer Willis – 13

  7. Alaskan Coastal Bear Cub – Pamela Willis – 15

  8. Mr Cool – Ross McKelvey – 13

  9. Greenfinches Squabble – Ross McKelvey -13

  10. Bobby Bo – Leo McCourt – 13

  11. Hitching A Ride – Laurie Campbell – 12

  12. Girl With Piercing Eyes – Laurie Campbell – 13

  13. Kerry Cottage – Roger Eager – 11

  14. Eastern Promise – Ross McKelvey – 13

  15. Unstoppable – Jennifer Willis - 15

Quote from Catchlight Club President, Ross McKelvey - "A dream of mine for a long time".

Top Mono Print at the PAGB Print Championships - Unstoppable by Jennifer Willis


Top Colour Print at the PAGB Print Championships - Master of All He Surveys by Laurie Campbell

Master Of All He Surveys

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