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Full House of Starred Images - NIPA Round 1

In what is a first for Catchlight, the club gained stars for all 12 images entered in the NIPA Interclub Competition Round 1. This is a fantastic result and gets the club off to a great start for the 2021-2022 season.

Congratulations to everyone and a special mention for Adrian Quinn (2 starred images) and Julia Clements (1 starred image) in the Novice section.

There were a total of 38 starred images in R1 across all clubs, which is possibly a record. Great judging and constructive feedback from William Allen, Matthew Canning & Hugh Rooney.

Colour Ross McKelvey - Osprey with Trout 15 Dean Irvine - Winters Queen 15 Pamela Wilson - White Faced Capuchin 15 Adrian Quinn - Dancer In Peach 14

Mono Jennifer Willis - Through Gritted Teeth 15 Leo McCourt - Bobby Bo 15 Adrian Quinn - Braided Tree 14 Ross McKelvey - Pirate Geraldo 13

PDI Jennifer Willis - Icelandic Horse Charge 14 William Strain - Memories 14 William Strain - The Devil Wears Red 14 Julia Clements - Poise 14

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