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Diane Owen FRPS

On Wednesday 16th January 2019,

the guest speaker was Dianne Owen FRPS from Southport, who brought a great selection of her photographic prints to show. Many members felt that they had never before seen such quality prints, and in such quantity - there were so many that simply caused the jaw to drop!

Dianne gave a detailed talk about her background and the stories and inspirations behind her photographs, many of which were passed round hand to hand by the members for a closer look.

We were privileged indeed to have such a fantastic display of prints in the club, and 'textures' will definitely be on the agenda for many members going forward. Thank you to Dianne, and to Hahnemule fine art paper.

Cyril Boyd and Laurie Campbell studying a print-

Gerald Gribbon, Laurie Campbell and Stuart Anderson enjoying a print close up

Ross McKelvey thinking it might be time to take up golf again....

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