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Spotlight on...Ian Humes

Our next member in the spotlight is Ian Humes. Ian writes... "I’ve been interested in photography since my youth. Back then I water-skied and wanted to take good action pictures of the sport. I shot black and white film which I developed and printed in a makeshift darkroom in the attic. When I gave up the sport my interest in photography dwindled and for many years, I was just happy to get decent holiday and family



Buying my first digital camera in 2006

was a key turning point.

I began to go out to do some street

photography and take

trips away to do landscapes. I was open to try all genres and photographic techniques. I did a few studio lighting workshops where I met people who were members of camera clubs. 


I joined Catchlight in 2013 and was encouraged to put an LRPS panel together. The panel had 3 colour and 3 mono landscapes and 4 mono studio portraits which broadly reflected my photographic interests at that time. I successfully gained my LRPS in February 2014.


Being in Catchlight gave me the opportunity to meet many creative photographers, learn new skills and broaden my photographic horizon. Some of the work that I admired most was by sports photographers, so I gradually gravitated to that genre. These days my Facebook page says “I shoot mostly American football, basketball, rugby & hockey, and anything else that interests me. I enjoy landscape and travel photography and taking pictures of street art”."

 We hope that you have enjoyed finding out a little more about Ian and seeing a few of his wonderful images. In Catchlight's recent 3rd place in the FIAP World Cup Ian's 'Moment of Impact' was accepted into the Exhibition and contributed to Catchlight's success.

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