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Spotlight on...Jill Crockett

Updated: Jan 12

"Third Time Lucky"

Jill is our first member under the spotlight in our new feature. We hope you will enjoy finding out a little more about her and seeing some of her wonderful images.

Jill is a mum of two, currently on maternity leave from her job as a mechanical design engineer. Her love of photography was sparked off by a trip to Capetown, South Africa, to volunteer in the shanty towns - she came home with many full rolls of film. She started off shooting wherever she travelled and any sporting events that she went to. Now she mainly shoots landscapes and wildlife, and loves being out in the middle of nature particularly during the quiet mornings.

She recalls "In the early days it was difficult to know where to go to improve my skills, I knew how to use my camera but how do I improve?"

She asked her professional photographer friend and he said the best way was to join a camera club.

Catchlight is the third club she's been in and she loves how open, friendly and helpful it is. Jill says "The club really lives up to it's motto 'all for one and one for all'. Everyone shares in the club’s success and everyone is so willing to share their knowledge & techniques to help you improve."

She has learned a lot in her few short years as a member and it shows in her photography. "I've learned many tips and tricks when it comes to post processing, greatest of all is how to draw the viewers eye where you want it to go." She has also been able to dabble in shooting portraits and learned to make opportunities for photography in her busy life as a mother, wife and engineer. The club has also helped her to achieve many things she never thought possible; she has gained CPAGB, entered and been accepted in salons, got a BPE HC, had images selected to represent the club for competitions with NIPA, IPF, PAGB & FIAP world cup. She hopes to continue to add to these achievements in the next number of years but most of all she hopes to enjoy new opportunities to make many more images.

Jill is a much valued member of Catchlight and now also contributes as a member of committee.

All images copyright of Jill Crockett

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