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Spotlight on...Maurice Quirke

Maurice Quirke, quiet and committed

One of the quietist but most committed members of Catchlight,Maurice has been a valued member

since March 2017.

In a club with a relatively young

with ages ranging from 17 upwards, he is possibly the oldest at 74.

Maurice says "ages range from teenagers to myself, a good mix".

Maurice does not strive for distinctions like many other members. However, he participates in as many Club competitions as possible, is a regular attender and helps to set up and tidy up each week.

Maurice is on a constant learning curve and continues to improve and enjoy his photography.

Like many members of Catchlight his photographic interests are varied. In particular he enjoys landscape and wildlife but also macro, architecture and sports photography.

We think you will enjoy some of Maurice's images below.

Maurice says "Catchlight is a competitive club and for anyone who has a passion for photography will find it a welcoming place and will receive as much help as they want."

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