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Laurie Campbell achieves Fellowship of the IPF

On September 30th one of our outstanding female members, Laurie Campbell achieved her Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation.

In the description from the IPF, it couldn't be any better a tribute than their own words for Laurie's work - "Fellow: This is the supreme distinction level and is recognised by Fellow, Irish Photographic

Federation (FIPF)"

Already recognised both nationally and internationally for her marvellous photography & post processing, Laurie is accomplished in many different genres of Photography. Laurie possesses an instantly recognisable style of editing that makes her work stand out. The body of work that Laurie created for her Fellowship panel is a true testament to that style and I've no doubt that when the judges were presented with the 20 image panel, there was never a doubt that Laurie would be successful in her Fellowship application.

Below you will be able to read Laurie's "Statement Of Intent", a written submission that accompanies the panel and sets out the artists intention for what their panel is trying to achieve.

There is also the hanging plan, the order in which the panel of prints are displayed and some of the 20 images that comprised Laurie's panel are also below.

Congratulations Laurie Campbell, FIPF on a truly amazing panel of prints.

Statement Of Intent

"I have always been drawn to liminal places in the rural landscape. Liminal places are places of transition between 'what was' and 'what next'. They are often quiet & unassuming, seemingly out of place and no longer warrant a second glance from passers-by.

Traditional farm buildings woven into the Canadian landscape have, for me, always held this inherent liminal charm.

No longer fit for purpose and too expensive to maintain, many have been abandoned, repurposed, or have lost their sense of place. Many now face an uncertain future, while others await the arrival of the developer’s bulldozer.

Where once they represented a sense of resilience, now increasingly they represent nostalgia and vulnerability.

The gentle artistic editing of my images emphasises the vulnerability and quiet solitude of these traditional farm buildings.

This panel is my way of preserving the ‘what was’ before the transition to the ‘what next’."

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