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PAGB Inter Federation Exhibition

Each year the individual federations across the UK that are members of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain compete in Inter Federation Competition.

The Inter Federation Competition is held each year in June and each Federation submit entries from the members of their affiliated Clubs across 4 categories - Monochrome prints, Colour Prints, Nature Prints and Open Projected Digital Images. Trophies are awarded to the winning Federations and PAGB Medals & Ribbons are awarded to individual images in each category.

Catchlight had images from a wide variety of members submitted by NIPA to represent our local Federation and out of the overall NIPA Entry, there were 12 images selected to participate in the PAGB Inter-Federation Touring Exhibition. Of the 12 accepted into the Exhibition, 10 were from members of Catchlight.

Congratulations to all who had images selected to represent NIPA and to those members who had images selected for the Exhibition.

A special congratulations go to Jennifer Willis of Catchlight who had the Best Image in the Colour Print category with "This Time Last Year", winning a PAGB Gold Medal, and to Pamela Wilson of Catchlight who received a PAGB Ribbon for her image "Three Toed Sloth".

NIPA placed as follows:

  • Colour Print Competition - NIPA 6th place

  • Mono Print Competition - NIPA 3rd place

  • Nature Print Competition - NIPA 6th place

NIPA Federation Accepted Images:

PAGB Full Result -

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