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Cyril Reaches Dizzy Heights of MPSA

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

At Catchlight, members are encouraged to enter local, national and international exhibitions & salons. One of our members who sets the bar pretty high in that regard is Cyril Boyd.

Hardly a week (at times of the year that could be a day) goes by where Cyril isn't keeping his many followers and fans of his photography updated on his success from far flung parts of the world, as well as more local successes.

In January of this year, 14th January 2022 to be precise, Cyril achieved a significant milestone on his Photographic Society of America (PSA) journey when it was confirmed that he had achieved his MPSA (Master of the Photographic Society of America). This is a fantastic achievement and requires the photographer to achieve 1500 accepted images into PSA accredited Photographic Salons.

A few words from Cyril:

"Since 2017 and my first acceptance in International salons, my fellow members can tell you that I’ve been pretty dedicated to my salon entries. I love the challenge of seeing if the judges around the world like my attempts as much as I do. I must be doing something right as regular success has meant my achieving various Distinctions worldwide . My latest has been EFIAP/silver, to join MPSA, DPAGB, LIPF, BPE4, M-APS & E.CPE.

They are only letters but achieving them has given me a certain sense of satisfaction and hopefully a bit of confidence in my abilities. “Onwards & Upwards!”"

Congratulations Cyril on your MPSA achievement and your ongoing success.

A few of Cyril's most successful images are below.

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